September 1, 2017/News, Press Releases

Dear CT Media…

Dear Connecticut Media,

The next time Senate GOP leader Len Fasano complains that he shouldn’t have to answer for the backwards policies of his party leader, the next time he berates anyone suggesting that Connecticut Republicans are Trump Republicans, the next time he flatly refuses to call out Trump for enabling white supremacists, ask him about this.

QUESTIONER: Did you vote for Donald Trump in the last election?
FASANO: [GARBLED] What organization are you from?
QUESTIONER: I’m here on my own. I work with the Connecticut Democrats, wondering if you voted for Donald Trump in the last election.
QUESTIONER: Thank you very much.


“Len Fasano loves to cry foul when he’s asked to defend the indefensible actions of the leader of his party, Donald Trump, but he has conveniently neglected to admit that he supported Trump for president,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell. “Senator Fasano and Connecticut Republicans have routinely failed to stand up to Trump because  they saw politics as more important than policy and the interest of their constituents; now we know it’s because they support the Trump agenda and the promises he made. Connecticut residents deserve better than Republican Trump enablers — we deserve courage in our elected leaders.” 
Yesterday the Journal Inquirer asked if the Connecticut Republican Party is becoming the party of Trump. The answer, sadly, is yes, thanks to the support of Len Fasano and the elected Republican leaders who have allowed their party to evolve in that direction.