September 5, 2017/Press Releases

CT Dems React To Trump’s DACA Actions

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement.

“He’s gone after Muslims and women and trans people and veterans, and now he’s going after young immigrants who came to this country through no fault of their own and know no other home. There are 5,000 DREAMers in Connecticut, and they make our state a better, more vibrant place. This cruel and pointless policy change sends these productive members of our community back into the shadows.

“We are better than this, and I believe that it is incumbent on political leaders on both sides of the aisle to stand up when this president attacks members of our Connecticut community. I have been sorely disappointed when Donald Trump’s Connecticut GOP enablers — particularly Len Fasano,  Themis Klarides, and the GOP gubernatorial candidates — have stood idly by, refusing to speak out when the leader of their party attacks a constituency. Yet here we are again, and I’m imploring my Connecticut Republican friends to find their voices and speak out against yet another pointless attack from this cowardly administration. Waiting until it’s too late to stand up and be counted is a shining example of the new Connecticut Republican party that is committed to hiding from their responsibility to speak up as leaders.

“Enough is enough. Their inaction and silence should be seen as nothing more than enabling the Trump agenda.”