October 30, 2017/Multimedia

VIDEO: Stratford needs a change, but Laura Hoydick represents more of the same

Hartford, Ct. – In a video released today, the Connecticut Democratic Party is taking GOP mayoral candidate and current state Rep. Laura Hoydick to task for representing the same old ideas and leadership style. Just days ago, at a mayoral forum, Hoydick admitted that “currently, we’re not really run well” under Republican Mayor John Harkins, whom Hoydick personally nominated for re-election four years ago.

“For Stratford voters, the choice is clear,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell. “Stephanie Philips has a bold vision to improve the town’s economy and create opportunities for residents, while Laura Hoydick represents the same old policies that she herself admits are not working. With the backwards policies being pushed by President Trump and Republicans in Washington D.C., we know that change starts in our communities. Let’s elect Stephanie Philips on November 7.”