November 30, 2017/Press Releases

CT GOP responds to white supremacist attack

Hartford, Ct. – Two days later, the Connecticut Republican Party has finally responded to the decision of UConn College Republicans to hold a discussion called “It’s Okay To Be White,” hosted by white supremacist Lucian Wintrich, and Mr. Wintrich’s physical attack on a defenseless woman. Rather than condemning the attack or the blatant racism peddled by Mr. Wintrich, the GOP called the incident “fake news.”

“This is telling. A white supremacist sponsored by a Connecticut Republican organization physically attacked a young woman, and now the state GOP is defending this alt-right hatemonger in true Trumpian fashion. White supremacy and violence are not ‘fake news.’ This is very real, even here in Connecticut. This must be the new Connecticut Republican calculus: defend, not condemn this hatred and violence.

“Nearly every Republican candidate, up and down the ticket, insists that they have nothing to do with Trump and should not be held accountable for his actions, but it has become perfectly clear that the party they represent has become the party of Trump.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell