December 1, 2017/Press Releases

GOP tax scam will hurt Connecticut. The Republicans who want to govern Connecticut don’t care.

Hartford, Ct. – The negative effects of the GOP tax bill Republicans are trying to ram through the Senate have been well-documented. This tax scam will harm Connecticut, but the Republicans running for governor — aside from Tim Herbst, who supports the bill — have refused to say a word. Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement.

“It’s plain and simple. This bill stinks for Connecticut. Thousands of Connecticut residents will lose health insurance, even more will pay significantly higher taxes, and higher education will be even more difficult for Connecticut students to access — all to give massive handouts to major corporations and the very wealthy. It’s terrible policy, and it shows just how backwards the Republican Party’s priorities are.

“The next governor will have to deal with the negative implications of this disastrous tax scam. Yet the GOP candidates refuse to speak out.

“Lets be very clear: Connecticut residents have demonstrated that they want a leader that will fight for them in the governor’s office. They want a fighter who will actually stand up for them and their families. But, time and time again, Connecticut Republicans and their candidates for governor have shown that they will not fight if it means crossing Donald Trump or the national Republican Party. As they did during the healthcare debate and have done when discrimination is permitted or even promoted by the White House, these Republican leaders will hide. They hope that no one notices that they steadfastly refuse to choose the welfare of the people of Connecticut over their party loyalty. These disqualifications must be at the heart of next year’s election.”