February 16, 2018/Press Releases

After Wednesday’s White House Visit, Erin Stewart Wants Trump on Speed Dial

New Friends: After Wednesday’s White House Visit, Erin Stewart Wants Trump on Speed Dial

Hartford, CT – After not qualifying for the GOP debate next Wednesday, Erin Stewart told the Hartford Courant she “should have told the President and see what he would have to say.”

Erin Stewart has previously stated that she has “no ties” to President Trump and been “pretty outspoken about not supporting President Trump.” Yet since her visit with him this Wednesday she seems to feel comfortable invoking him in her defense. President Trump’s administration has recently covered up a scandal involving multiple staffers accused of domestic abuse, continues to enable a negligent Congress to stay silent on gun safety legislation, and has skirted the responsibility of protecting thousands of DACA recipients across the country. Erin Stewart needs to make it clear whether or not she supports Donald Trump.

“Erin Stewart has failed again to make it clear where she stands on Trump,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “She claims she doesn’t support him, but jumps at the chance to engage him directly at the White House and wants to have him weigh in on the Connecticut GOP’s treatment of her campaign. Erin Stewart cannot continue to have it both ways. Connecticut voters need to know if she will be a rubber stamp for President Trump’s agenda or if she will stand up to him. It’s clear that not only will Erin Stewart stay silent on the scandals of this administration and allow them to continue to roll back progress for middle class families, she will actively call Trump for help.”