February 22, 2018/Press Releases

Connecticut Democrats Respond to Third GOP Gubernatorial Debate

Statement from CT Democratic Party Chair Nick Balletto on Third GOP Gubernatorial Debate

Hartford, CT – After tonight’s GOP debate, Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement:

“The Republican debate tonight showed that Republicans are out of touch with Connecticut voters and that no candidate, on stage or off stage, has the courage to distinguish themselves as a leader. Candidate after candidate stood up to share nothing but empty rhetoric with no idea for how they would lead as Governor. Connecticut is a state that led the nation in passing gun prevention legislation, and when it came time for Republicans to speak out on their plans, they dodged the question, ignoring the dangers that we face after continued mass shootings. When it comes to gun safety legislation, Republican gubernatorial candidates are changing their rhetoric as quickly as they can to align with their mentors in the Trump administration which has continually been touted as a great friend to the NRA. Imagine this, in today’s Connecticut Republican Party there is a race to see who can champion a repeal on common sense gun violence prevention legislation.

“Connecticut was the first state in the country to increase its minimum wage to $10.10, and tonight we heard Republican candidates push an anti-worker agenda from reversing the union supported SEBAC 2017 to creating a “Wisconsin Moment” by making Connecticut a right-to work state. Connecticut is a state that protects immigrants, working to keep families together and DACA recipients in the country they call home. Tonight, the Republican gubernatorial advocates spouted anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“Connecticut has taken strides to move forward, and we need a Governor who can lead and build upon our progress and protect Connecticut values–not one who will stand behind Donald Trump’s empty Republican talking points. The Republican candidates have proven once again that they have no ideas to lead the state and will follow the lead of national right-wing Republicans. Voters have a clear choice in this election: a Republican who will hide behind behind right-wing rhetoric to appease their base voters or a candidate who will stand up to lead us forward.”