February 24, 2018/Press Releases

Questions for Erin Stewart: Labor

Hartford, CT – After Governor Malloy’s final state of the state address, which focused on improvements for middle class families like a higher minimum wage, paid sick leave, and closing the wage gap, Erin Stewart tweeted that the Governor “did not mention one thing about the state of our state.” Erin Stewart may not consider these pro-worker policies relevant to the state of Connecticut, but where does she stand on them?

  • In 2014, Erin Stewart attended a rally for a higher minimum wage with President Obama, telling the Denver Post “the beauty of politics is that you can agree to disagree. In terms of raising the minimum wage, it’s a quick fix, but it’s a long-term problem of people living in poverty. I see that every day. … But will raising the minimum wage really help them or will it help them if we were able to get businesses and manufacturers to pay stable wages, with insurance and benefits? That’s the question.” It is a question, and Erin Stewart hasn’t given her answer on it.

  • Stewart tweeted that “to overcome the SEBAC agreement is to have a gov who can bring the unions back to the table when they don’t have to come.”

Does Erin Stewart support increasing the minimum wage?

Does Erin Stewart believe in paid sick leave?

Does Erin Stewart want to enforce a right-to-work state in Connecticut?

Does Erin Stewart believe in collective bargaining?

Does Erin Stewart support the SEBAC 2017 Agreement?

“Erin Stewart spends a lot of time asking questions about the best course of action without offering any solutions,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi, “Her comments on raising the minimum wage deliberately take the middle ground without choosing an actual side. You’re either in favor of raising the minimum wage or you’re not, and Connecticut voters should know where she stands. At a moment where Democrats are fighting for higher minimum wages, paid sick leave, collective bargaining, and closing the pay gap, Erin Stewart hasn’t offered a position on these incredibly important issues as she campaigns to be the leader of our state.”