February 22, 2018/Press Releases

Questions for Erin Stewart

Hartford, CT – Erin Stewart didn’t qualify for last night’s GOP debate, and while she was following and posting her thoughts on twitter, we would like to clear up where she stands on policy issues.

Gun violence prevention

Erin Stewart has been vague if not completely devoid of substance in all of her “on the record” statements or public pronouncements regarding gun safety, despite having every opportunity to announce meaningful steps to combat gun violence.

  • In Erin Stewart’s announcement to explore a run for Governor, Stewart mimicked the NRA playbook saying that she has a gun permit and supports responsible gun ownership.

  • She also stated the obvious that “you can’t keep having these mass shootings,” in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

  • After the third GOP debate Erin Stewart posted on Twitter that “we have to make sure our schools have the money to make the necessary security upgrades to ensure the safety of our precious kids.”

  • Erin Stewart recently said that she would need to think about banning assault weapons.

What would Erin Stewart do to prevent mass shootings, if not banning assault weapons?

Would Erin Stewart support increasing background checks?

Would Erin Stewart support a ban on bump stocks?

What does Erin Stewart consider necessary security updates? Does she not consider these security updates this month? Or these in New Britain and across the state? Or these in New Britain and across the state?

Would Erin Stewart accept an endorsement from the CCDL?

Would Erin Stewart accept a donation from the NRA? 

“Erin Stewart has yet to make it clear what steps she would take to prevent gun violence,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “Stewart is running to be the executive of this state, and yet she has been silent on her plans to enact gun safety legislation and protect our children. As a candidate for statewide office, Erin Stewart should be held to the same standards that all statewide candidates are and answer questions on gun violence prevention and her plans for the state as Governor. Connecticut voters have questions for Erin Stewart, and if she expects them to elect her, they need answers.”