March 12, 2018/Press Releases

Republicans Dangerously Silent as Trump Plans to Arm Teachers

Hartford, CT – Yesterday, President Trump announced his plan to provide “rigorous firearm training” to school teachers. What did Connecticut Republican gubernatorial candidates have to say about this plan? Nothing.

Teachers and students all over the country have said they want a comprehensive plan to address gun violence, not more guns on campus. As President Trump caves to NRA pressure and backs away from raising the age to buy assault weapons and expanding universal background checks, will Republicans cave to Trump? Less than a year from election day, Republican gubernatorial candidates have yet to put forward a concrete position on gun violence prevention.

“Republican gubernatorial candidates have absolutely no stance on gun violence prevention,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “They remain silent on this issues so they don’t anger Donald Trump or the NRA, meanwhile the gun epidemic in the United States spins out of control at the cost of students’ lives. It’s time for Republican candidates to prove they have independent thoughts about gun violence prevention instead of hiding behind NRA and Trump talking points.”