March 8, 2018/Media

Tim Herbst Defends the NRA

Hartford, CT – You read that correctly. This morning Tim Herbst sent out a press release standing up for the NRA after Governor Dannel Malloy made comments calling out the NRA for dismantling and obstructing gun violence prevention legislation. Tim Herbst has notably dodged questions about how he would address gun violence as Governor and is now making it clear the only issue he’s willing to take a stand for is one defending the NRA.

Just days ago, the NRA released a promotional video specifically targeting news outlets, late night hosts, and athletes. The NRA also blasted CT legislation passed after Sandy Hook, even going so far as to place robocalls to Newton residents advocating against the legislation. Would Tim Herbst keep this legislation in place as Governor or continue to pander to the NRA? It’s clear Tim Herbst is more concerned with securing a donation from the NRA and an endorsement from the CCDL than keeping guns out of the wrong hands and protecting the state from further gun violence.

“The NRA has consistently lobbied against national legislation that would prevent further gun violence by relying on politicians who are in their pockets,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “How much longer are Republicans going to allow the NRA to meddle in our politics at the cost of innocent lives? What makes them so afraid? Connecticut has been a leader on gun safety legislation after one of most devastating mass shootings in history–we need a leader who is going to stand up to the NRA, not for it. This is one of the most important issues in the country, and Tim Herbst has proven himself to be unequipped to handle it. Will he side with NRA allies and advocate for a repeal of Connecticut’s common-sense gun violence prevention legislation from 2013? Tim Herbst has made it perfectly clear that he intends to stand with the NRA over the voters pleading for gun safety legislation in Connecticut.”