April 5, 2018/Press Releases

Democratic State Party Chair Nick Balletto Statement on Tonight’s GOP Debate

Hartford, CT – After tonight’s Republican gubernatorial debate, Chairman Balletto released the following statement:

“All Republicans proved tonight is that they are incapable of laying out concrete plans for how to move the state of Connecticut forward but have plenty of insults to lob at one another. As they fight on stage over who is more electable by virtue of proximity to Donald Trump, Democrats will remain focused on issues that matter to Connecticut like gun violence prevention and worker protections. Republicans can continue to grandstand with empty rhetoric and make false claims about their accomplishments, Democrats will focus on crossing the state, speaking with voters, and laying out their plans for the future of Connecticut. This is the 4th Republican debate, and Republican candidates have had every opportunity to show voters that they will stand up to the Trump agenda, and they have failed every time.

“No Republican candidate on or off stage has any position on how to make our communities safer or stronger. Democrats are energized and ready to fight back against the Trump agenda, and as long as Republican candidates continue to duck issues that matter, our momentum will continue to grow.”