May 10, 2018/Press Releases

As Session Ends, Priorities For Democrats and Republicans Are Clear

Hartford, CT – As the legislative session comes to an end, the difference between Democratic and Republican priorities could not be more clear. As Democrats were fighting for Dreamers, gun violence prevention, and a free and accessible internet, Republicans were attempting to lobby for special interests and the national Republican Party at every turn.

  • Democrats passed a ban on bump stocks, while 10 Republican Senators and 33 Representatives voted against this legislation. With this legislation, Connecticut continues to be a leader in gun violence prevention legislation.
  • Democrats also championed Net Neutrality legislation to restore net neutrality to Connecticut after the FCC stripped regulations. Every single Republican Senator voted against this legislation.
  • Republican Minority Leader Themis Klarides voted against legislation to allow Dreamers to receive financial aid.
  • 7 Republican Representatives voted against a Pay Equity bill that would bar employers from asking applicants about their pay history, which contributes to the wage gap.

“Democrats have been fighting for Connecticut in the General Assembly,” said Democratic Party Chair Nick Balletto. “As the session comes to a close, there could be no clearer contrast between Democratic and Republican priorities. Democrats are fighting for a fair wage, immigrants, gun violence prevention, and net neutrality–issues that are in jeopardy as a result of the Trump administration. And while Democrats fight for the issues that matter to Connecticut, Republicans aim to counter this progress. Voters have a clear choice this November: Republicans up and down the ballot who will roll back the progress we’ve made or a Democrat who will stand up for Connecticut and fight for working families and the values we hold dear.”