June 13, 2018/Press Releases

Democrats Are Fighting for Health Care While Republicans Are Silent

Hartford, CT – This afternoon, Senator Chris Murphy fought for health care on the floor of the United State Senate after President Trump’s administration announced they would not protect the provision of the ACA that ensures coverage for pre-existing conditions. As Democrats in the state of Connecticut continue to fight for health care for over one million Connecticut residents who have pre-existing conditions, Republicans are silent.

Which begs the question, what do they hope to gain from their silence?

Every single Republican gubernatorial candidate has announced they would welcome Trump to our state. It’s clear that Republicans are willing to choose a Trump rally over the health care of Connecticut residents. Connecticut needs leaders who are willing to stand up to members of their own Party, and on an issue as important as health care, Republicans have failed yet again.

“Every single Republican gubernatorial candidate has had the opportunity to talk about health care, and they have refused to,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “Why are they silent? What do they hope to gain from this silence? They have a platform as candidates, and they are refusing to use it to stand up for CT residents with pre-existing conditions. On issues that matter, Republican gubernatorial candidates would rather stay silent at a cost to Connecticut than stand up to Trump.”