June 15, 2018/Press Releases

Forum After Forum, Republicans Choose Trump Over Connecticut’s Health Care

Hartford, CT – As Republicans gear up for more GOP forums, odds are they’ll remain silent on the Trump administration’s decision to end the ACA provision that protects Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Without this provision, insurance companies can deny coverage for anyone with a pre-existing condition. There are over one million Connecticut residents with pre-existing conditions who could lose insurance.

In the era of Trump, Governors across the country have spoken out to protect health care. What do the Republican gubernatorial candidates hope to gain from their silence?

“After welcoming Trump to campaign with them, it’s not hard to imagine why Republicans are silent on this directive from the Trump administration,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “As Republican gubernatorial candidates are hoping for their very own Trump rally, over one million Connecticut residents are worried about losing their health care. Let’s be clear, Republicans have made a choice. They will be part of the effort to possibly kick one million people off of their healthcare just so they can get a photo with and tweet from @realDonaldTrump. How far the compassionate Republicans have fallen.”