June 18, 2018/Press Releases

Will Republican Candidates Stand Up for Children at the Border?

Hartford, CT – Democrats and Republicans across the country have spoken out against the Trump administration’s separation of families at the border while Republican candidates in Connecticut have been silent.

Once again, we’ve seen every single Republican candidate remain silent on an issue if it means they must speak out against Donald Trump.

As children are being kept in detention centers and ripped away from their parents, Republican candidates refuse to use their platform to take a stand against this morally reprehensible policy.

“Republican candidates haven’t said a word about this humanitarian crisis,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “Where is the leadership? How can we expect any of the Republican candidates to lead our state if they’re unwilling to speak out against children being separated from their parents at the border? Republicans’ spinelessness reaches a new low in their refusal to speak out against children in cages.”