June 4, 2018/Press Releases

What Republicans Talked About Instead of Gun Violence Awareness  

Hartford, CT – This weekend, Democrats stood with students and communities to spread gun violence awareness, honor victims, and advocate for gun violence prevention. All across the country, Democrats have stood up to the NRA and advocated for legislation to keep all of us safe.

At a time when our discourse is focused on real change to combat the gun violence epidemic, Republicans remain silent. Here’s an overview of what Republican gubernatorial candidates talked about this weekend instead of acknowledging gun violence awareness.

Their TV Appearances

David Stemerman, Tim Herbst, and Steve Obsitnik promoted their television appearances but did not acknowledge the thousands of people who gathered this weekend in Connecticut or the students who have asked for our legislators to take action to keep them safe.


Boughton tweeted the number 6. Boughton probably wasn’t referring to gun violence, since there have been at least 45 instances of gunfire on school grounds in 2018 alone.

Tall Uncle Sam Statues

We support Uncle Sam, but if Mark Boughton found the time to tweet about statues, we would hope he would find the time to tweet support of students and communities talking about gun violence this weekend.

“As thousands turned out all over the state to talk about gun violence awareness, Republicans continue to ignore their calls for legislation to keep our communities safe,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “Voters deserve to know if Republican candidates will protect the bump stock ban and the gun law passed after Sandy Hook. Every single Republican gubernatorial candidate has refused to say if they’ll defend this legislation, which is completely unacceptable. If they’re unwilling to support gun violence awareness, what policies would they champion as Governor alongside the NRA here in Connecticut?”