June 1, 2018/Press Releases

Boughton’s Record On Immigration Would Make Trump Proud

Hartford, CT – As the devastating news of children being separated from their parents at the border makes national headlines, here in Connecticut, we have our own Donald Trump on immigration policy.

As Mayor of Danbury, Mark Boughton supported policies that undermined Danbury’s diverse communities. He passed ordinances to shut down volleyball games popular in the Ecuadorian community and to preemptively shut down parades after Brazil won the World Cup.

Under Mark Boughton, Danbury settled a civil rights suit for $400,000 after 11 workers were picked up by undercover police officers and delivered to immigration officials on the basis of racial profiling.

While Governor Malloy stood up to Trump’s harmful immigration policies, Mark Boughton cowered to the president’s agenda, ordering city officials to comply with ICE. Just last year, two Danbury men were taken into custody by ICE officials – one from his apartment and one from a restaurant. Immigrant communities in Danbury and across the state should not have to live in fear that they, too, will be taken from their homes.

“Mark Boughton’s immigration policies would make Donald Trump proud,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “At a time when our nation’s immigrants are consistently under attack by the Trump administration, Connecticut needs leaders who are going to stand up for our diverse communities. Mark Boughton has made it clear that he wants to be Donald Trump’s partner in Connecticut.”