July 23, 2018/Press Releases

CT Republicans Double Down — AGAIN — on “A” Grade for Trump

Hartford, CT – After a disastrous week for the President during which he received worldwide condemnation following evidence of collusion and an unbelievable Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin, the Republican gubernatorial candidates are embracing him more than ever.

Tim Herbst, for one, is taking a page from the Trump playbook and doubling down on his “A” grade for Trump, remaining silent while the rest of the nation speaks out, and embracing “fake news” arguments at a time when Republicans everywhere are ignoring facts. But he does do one thing…he doubles on his “A” grade for President Trump.

David Stemmerman’s campaign is also crystal clear: “David supports the president and wants more of that type of leadership here in Connecticut…”

Incredibly, Stemmerman argues about the Helsinki press conference that “Maybe (Trump) was overly excited by his time with Vladimir Putin.”

Huh?? Seriously??

After all the Republican candidates recently all gave an “A” grade to the President, it’s clear that the Trump agenda is one and the same as the CT GOP agenda. They are closer to him than ever, but that has real-world ramifications for Connecticut families:

  • Connecticut women could lose their reproductive rights.
  • Connecticut residents could lose their health care.
  • Connecticut could lose the commonsense reforms that keep our schools and our communities safe from gun violence.
  • Connecticut families could see the safety net shredded.

“Just as the world is in shock about what’s happening in the White House, Connecticut Republicans are all in for Trump. It’s unreal,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “Under our next Governor, every issue–from health care, to women’s health, to gun violence prevention–will be under attack from the CT GOP. Connecticut can’t afford to have a Governor who stands with the Trump agenda.”