July 20, 2018/Press Releases

Trump Hiked Up Health Insurance Premiums: Do Republicans Stand with Him or Connecticut?

Hartford, CT – As a result of the Trump administration’s attack on the Affordable Care Act, health insurance premiums in Connecticut will surge by double digits. Connecticut residents will soon pay more for their health insurance because of Trump’s persistent attacks on our health care system.

The Trump administration has made it a priority to wittingly undercut health care for those who need it most—and the reality for Connecticut families is simple: If a Republican is elected governor in November, they will cut it too.

They will wittingly slash benefits for those who need it most, and that’s why the Republican gubernatorial candidates have all been silent about basic health care questions:

  • Mark Boughton: silence
  • Tim Herbst: silence
  • Steve Obsitnik: silence
  • David Stemerman: silence
  • Bob Stefanowski: silence

The stakes in this election could not be higher—and voters deserve to know where they stand. Do they stand with Trump’s premium increases? Or do they stand with families who deserve access to quality healthcare?

“Let’s be clear. The CT Republicans will actively work to slash care for those who need it most, and that’s why they are avoiding answering even the most basic questions on critical issues,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “The Republicans stand with Trump—that is crystal clear. And that means they believe in working to systematically dismantle our health care system. Donald Trump owns these premium increases—and the GOP gubernatorial candidates own it with him.”