July 20, 2018/Press Releases

To All New CT Voters: The Stakes in November Could Not Be Higher

Hartford, CT – As the number of Connecticut Democratic voters surges, the stakes in this election in November could not be higher.

If Mark Boughton, Tim Herbst, Steve Obsitnik, David Stemerman, or Bob Stefanowski are elected as Governor, we know they will:

  • End health care coverage for those with pre-existing conditions
  • Roll back women’s access to reproductive care
  • Repeal CT’s smart gun laws that protect our kids and our communities
  • Implement a pro-pollution agenda and abandon initiatives that protect our environment
  • Bring Donald Trump’s agenda to Connecticut

“Here’s what every new Connecticut voter needs to know: Republicans want to see Trump’s agenda implemented in Connecticut. It’s who they are, it’s what they believe, and it’s what they will do,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “Every new voter needs to know that the Connecticut Republican gubernatorial candidates think Trump is doing an “A” job. Let’s be very clear about what’s at stake this November: they WILL pull the plug on health care. They WILL roll back common-sense gun laws. They WILL implement a pro-pollution agenda. And they WILL undo decades of progress. The stakes could not be higher for Connecticut residents.”