July 8, 2018/Press Releases

Republicans Think Women’s Health is a “Distraction”

Hartford, CT – As Trump’s anti-choice pick for a Supreme Court Justice looms, Republicans in the state of Connecticut believe that a woman’s right to choose is a non-issue.

  • Mark Boughton and David Stemerman said that asking for their stance on a woman’s right to make her own a decisions is a “distraction.”
  • Bob Stefanowski and Steve Obsitnik refused to be on the record on their stance on a woman’s right to choose.
  • Tim Herbst also refused to comment but based on his past remarks and his FIC endorsement it’s clear he would not be an ally to women as Governor.

Every single Republican candidate for Governor would rather cater to the Trump administration than stand up to protect a woman’s right to choose and access to reproductive health.

“Just when you think Republicans could sink no lower,” said State Democratic Party Chair Nick Balletto. “We are facing the reality of a Supreme Court that could do damage to women’s health for a generation. If Republicans can’t muster enough courage to tell Trump that women’s reproductive rights are here to stay, what policies can we expect from them as Governor? Voters have a clear choice in this election: a Democrat who will stand up and fight for women’s access to reproductive health care or a spineless Republican who will hide behind statements to avoid angering Donald Trump.”