July 6, 2018/Press Releases

10 Things You Don’t Know About David Stemerman

Hartford, CT – Since David Stemerman is releasing a series of facts about himself, we wanted to point out another 10 things that voters don’t know about David Stemerman:

  1. What he would do to address gun violence

Would he protect the laws passed after Sandy Hook? Would he protect the bump stock ban? Is he in favor of measures to prevent gun violence or is he waiting for an endorsement from the NRA?

  1. If he supports a woman’s right to choose

Would Stemerman protect Roe v. Wade in Connecticut? Does he support a woman’s right to make her decisions about her health care with her doctor?

  1. If he would protect health care for the over one million Connecticut residents with pre-existing conditions

What does he think about the Trump administration’s decision to not defend health care for people with pre-existing conditions? Would he protect coverage in Connecticut?

  1. If he would have used his position to protect families being separated at the border

Stemerman said that separating families “disturbed him greatly.” Would he have refused to send the National Guard to the border? If he was disturbed by the act of separating children from their families why didn’t he attend any rallies?

  1. If he supports an increase in the minimum wage or paid sick leave

Would he sign legislation to increase the minimum wage? Does he believe workers should be ensured paid sick leave?

  1. If he would protect the LGBTQ community

Would he protect civil liberties in Connecticut? What would he do to ensure that members of the LGBTQ community don’t face discrimination?

  1. How his hedge fund lost a billion dollars

Should we check the Cayman Islands?

  1. How he’ll pay for his infrastructure plan

Transportation experts are skeptical of many of his proposed policies.

  1. Why he likes Trump’s tax plan

Trump’s tax plan only benefits the top 1% of Connecticut. Does Stemerman’s support of this legislation come from the fact that he likely benefits from it?

  1. Why he won’t stand up to Trump

Stemerman said he doesn’t agree with everything Trump does, so why won’t he stand up to him?

“We are four months away from election day and voters deserve to know where Stemerman stands on these issues,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “It’s time for David Stemerman to tell voters where he stands on health care, gun violence, prevention, choice, and all of the other issues he has yet to take a position on. We should expect that every candidate makes their positions on these issues clear. Voters have a clear choice this election: a Democrat who will stand up for Connecticut or a Republican who will refuse to take positions and hide behind Trump.”