July 3, 2018/Press Releases

Will Republicans Protect Roe v. Wade?

Hartford, CT – With President Trump choosing Justice Kennedy’s replacement on the Supreme Court, protecting Roe v. Wade will likely be up to individual states to protect. And that’s from the President himself.

Republican gubernatorial candidates have been nearly silent on choice. Mark Boughton has said he’s anti-choice and Tim Herbst has been endorsed by an anti-choice group. What about the rest of the gubernatorial candidates? Steve Obsitnik, Bob Stefanowski, and David Stemerman must take a position on an issue that will negatively affect women and families in the state of Connecticut.

“A woman’s right to make her own decisions with her doctor is at stake, the President said so himself,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “Now is not the time for Republican candidates to mince their words and avoid taking a position on any issue that might put them at odds with Donald Trump. Connecticut voters deserve to know if Republican candidates will protect women’s rights. If Republicans can’t stand up for women’s reproductive health, what else will they be unwilling to stand for? What do they hope to gain from their silence? Republicans are selling out Connecticut women in hopes they can stand next to Trump at a rally.”