August 8, 2018/Press Releases

At Debate, Republicans Refuse to Outlaw 3-D Guns as They Double Down on Their Support of Trump

Hartford, CT – At today’s final Republican gubernatorial primary debate, each one of the candidates refused to support common-sense regulations on 3-D guns. America has been shocked that plans for these new firearms could come online and flood our streets, yet each of one of the Republicans refused to commit to any kind of regulation.

They defied common-sense and disagreed with the 70% of Americans who support even basic regulations against these new weapons. They each welcomed President Trump to campaign with them in Connecticut, again, in yet another sign that they embrace his agenda.

Democratic State Party Chair Nick Balletto released the following statement:

“America wants regulations on untraceable, 3-D guns–except for Donald Trump and the Republican gubernatorial candidates. We have seen and heard everything we need to from these candidates. They’re actively defying common-sense. Think about the consequences of letting untraceable, printed guns flood our state–and then think about what the Republican candidates just said. Their lack of courage is as shameful as it is unsurprising.

“You heard it from them once again today. After giving Donald Trump an “A” grade, every single candidate welcomes him to Connecticut with open arms. Let’s be very clear: this is a Connecticut GOP that actively wants to slash health care, roll back a woman’s right to make her own health decisions, stack the deck against the middle class, and shred the safety net. It’s truly become the party of the extreme right–of the CCDL, the NRA, the FIC, and Donald Trump–and not Connecticut values.”