August 6, 2018/Press Releases

CCDL Fighting for Untraceable Guns–and the GOP Continues to Pander

Hartford, CT – As America watches in shock as 3-D gun blueprints come online, here at home the Connecticut Citizens Defense League has made its position on these untraceable guns clear: embrace them, or lose the group’s support. New 3-D printed guns could soon hit the streets, evading common-sense laws designed to ensure public safety. Yet, the GOP candidates won’t speak out against them and continue to pander to the gun lobby. And that puts Connecticut residents at risk.

So where do the Republicans stand on dangerous 3-D guns?

  • Mark Boughton: no comment
  • Tim Herbst: no comment
  • Steve Obsitnik: no comment
  • David Stemerman: no comment
  • Bob Stefanowski: “I was honored to have received the highest rating possible from the NRA.”

Let’s be very clear: they are not speaking out because they are beholden to the gun lobby–and it comes at the expense of Connecticut families.

“In this country, we have a gun violence epidemic because of the lack of bravery among Republican politicians to do the right thing. It’s unreal that Republicans refuse to speak out against guns that are untraceable and evade common-sense laws nationwide and in our state. The Republicans have an obligation to speak out, and yet they’ve remained silent,” said Democratic State Party Chair Nick Balletto. “Democrats in Connecticut have led the country in gun violence prevention legislation, and it’s clear that Republicans want to turn back the clock. It shouldn’t be partisan–it should be a common-sense issue. Republicans continue to stand on the wrong side of the issues.”