August 2, 2018/Press Releases

Stemerman Won’t Even Take a Position on Pizza

Hartford, CT – David Stemerman wouldn’t take a position in the great Connecticut Pizza debate, Sally’s vs Pepe’s, in a newly released video. But pizza preference isn’t the only issue David Stemerman won’t take a strong position on:

  • Choice

Women’s access to care has been wittingly targeted by the Trump administration. David Stemerman has been silent on his position on women’s reproductive health, refusing to take the time to talk about it in a debate and calling women’s health a “distraction.”

  • Health Care

National Republicans are slowly dismantling our health care system and Governors are the last line of defense to protect people from losing their coverage and skyrocketing health care costs. Stemerman has been silent on the issue of health care. Would he protect people with pre-existing conditions from losing their coverage?

  • The Environment

David Stemerman wouldn’t even show up to a forum on climate change.

  • Gun Violence Prevention

Would Stemerman protect legislation passed after Sandy Hook? Would he pledge to pass a ban on 3D guns that can be printed at home? Is he waiting to hear from the NRA before he takes a position like Trump is?

“The only position Stemerman is crystal clear on is that he thinks Trump deserves an A,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “We’re nearly three months away from Election Day and Stemerman still hasn’t taken a position on fundamental issues. Whether it’s the best New Haven pizza joint or a woman’s right to choose, Stemerman won’t tell voters what he really thinks or what he really plans to do as Governor.”