August 29, 2018/Press Releases

SALT Deductions Hurt CT Taxpayers, Yet Stefanowski Still “Loves” What Trump is Doing

Hartford, CT – Donald Trump’s tax plan has cost Connecticut taxpayers billions of dollars by capping SALT deductions. What did Stefanowski have to say about that? It’s abundantly clear that he supports Trump’s tax policies to benefit the 1%…even though they hurt Connecticut’s middle class families.

  • His own website actively celebrates ending SALT deductions that support Connecticut taxpayers and middle class families with an op-ed from his economic advisor. The piece asks how bad can it get for Connecticut, and answers: “Very bad.”

  • Stefanowski has defended Trump’s tax reform time and time again saying, “look what Donald Trump’s tax cut has done in this country.”

  • Stefanowski “loves what Trump had done” for our economy and thinks we need more of that in Connecticut.

  • Stefanowski said “we need some of that policy” referencing Trump’s tax plan in an interview.

  • The plan mostly benefits the top 1% of earners in Connecticut.

So why does Bob Stefanowski continue to stand with Trump?

“Bob Stefanowski owns these tax hikes on the middle class. That’s because his plan for Connecticut is to implement a ‘voodoo economics’ tax scheme to cut his own taxes, slash dollars for schools and transportation, and make the middle class pay for it all. It’s no wonder he continues to stand with Donald Trump. At every turn, he’s made clear that he’s looking out for Trump — and not Connecticut,” said Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi.