August 22, 2018/Press Releases

Statement from Mayor Marcia Leclerc on Bob Stefanowski’s Reckless Income Tax Plan

Hartford, CT – Mayor of East Hartford Marcia Leclerc released the following statement on Bob Stefanowski’s income tax plan that would raise property taxes, slash services, and drive a $10 billion hole in the budget:

“For generations, we’ve heard fake promises and phony politicking. But this plan is truly radical. It makes Connecticut a Republican experiment. Bob Stefanowski wants to cut nearly $10 billion from Connecticut’s budget, and we all need to remember what that means for ordinary people in my town. It means higher property taxes. It means slashing education dollars. It means laying off teachers. It means cutting services for veterans. And so much more.

“This Republican tax plan is a recipe for disaster. As Mayor of East Hartford, I know that basic services delivered by the state will disappear, and it’s a reckless proposal that will touch every person in Connecticut. Now more than ever, we need to stand up for Connecticut values — not those of someone with a radical plan who welcomes the endorsement of Donald Trump.”