August 22, 2018/Press Releases

Statement from Mayor Saud Anwar on Bob Stefanowski’s Reckless Income Tax “Plan”

Hartford, CT – Saud Anwar, Mayor of Windsor, released the following statement on Bob Stefanowski’s income tax “plan” that would raise property taxes, slash services, and drive a $10 billion hole in the budget:

“It’s the typical Republican playbook. Make wild income tax promises, pretend that massive tax cuts pay for themselves, and leave working families with the bill. There’s a reason Bob Stefanowski’s financial view of the world was called ‘Voodoo Economics’ by George H.W Bush…it’s because these plans and these promises are made up. At a time when Connecticut is facing challenges, Bob Stefanowski’s plan is to drive a $10 billion hole in the budget.

“Cutting education. Raising property taxes. Pulling the plug on health care. Decimating UConn. Ending tax relief for the elderly. That’s what Bob Stefanowski isn’t talking about–but that’s what his plan does. And I know that it will directly hurt working families in Windsor. The stakes in November could not be higher.”