September 12, 2018/Press Releases

NEW AUDIO: Stefanowski Celebrates Trump’s Economy–Again

Hartford, CT – On WTIC radio yesterday, after being asked about aligning himself with the President, Stefanowski praised Trump…YET AGAIN.

Stefanowski: “I like President Trump’s economic policy…we could use some of that economic policy in Connecticut.”

Here’s what Trump’s economic policy has done for the state so far:

  • Benefited the top 1% of earners while making the middle class pay for those tax cuts

  • Hurt middle-class families by capping the SALT deduction, which will cost taxpayers billions of dollars this year.

  • Implemented tariffs that hurt Connecticut and undermine job growth

  • Added $200 billion to the national deficit

Bob Stefanowski is not looking out for the middle class–he’s using the typical GOP playbook of protecting the very top at the expense of the middle class.

“Bob Stefanowski is pushing his voodoo economics tax scheme–and it’s not hard to see where he got the idea. Whether it’s Donald Trump in Washington or Bob Stefanowski in Connecticut, Republican math just doesn’t add up for middle-class families,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi.