September 14, 2018/Press Releases

Trump and Stefanowski Have the Same Health Care Agenda

Hartford, CT – Across the country, Americans are rightly concerned about their health care as Republicans attempt to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. Rolling back access to coverage is central to today’s GOP agenda.

We know that health care is under attack by Donald Trump, and we know that Bob Stefanowski thinks having his support is “pretty cool.”

But here’s what that means in Connecticut. Roughly 2.5 million Connecticut residents have a pre-existing condition.

Health coverage is truly at stake this November – and we know what Bob Stefanowski’s plans are.

His tax scheme slashes dollars for hospitals and rolls back coverage for families who need it. He will cut dollars to our hospitals, and he will gut access for those who need it.  And his running mate, Joe Markley, voted against protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions for children under 19 and protecting essential health benefits.

That is their agenda: cut dollars for quality care and pull the plug on coverage for those who need it.

“Health care is at stake, protecting coverage for those with pre-existing conditions is on the ballot, keeping health care affordable is the choice this November. And if Stefanowski and Markley are elected, they are clear about their agenda: their tax scheme will slash dollars that go towards having best-in-class health care in Connecticut while stripping coverage from this who need it most. While Democrats believe in access to comprehensive coverage, Republicans want to cut it. That’s the choice this November,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi.