September 19, 2018/Press Releases

We Know What Stefanowski’s Tax Scheme Would Do–Even if Republicans Don’t

Hartford, CT – Down ballot Republicans seem confused about Bob Stefanowski’s Trump-like tax experiment:

Melissa Ziobrion from East Haddam said she had “not read his complete plan.”

State Senator Paul Formica from East Lyme was confident he would see a full plan.

John Scott of Groton said he didn’t “know without seeing a plan.”

Senator Heather Somers, who is also from Groton, said she “hasn’t studied Stefanowski’s plan.”

Sean Mastroianni from Stonington didn’t return a request for comment.

So…here’s some of the basic information they need to know about the Stefanowski tax scheme.


  • In East Haddam, property taxes would go up by 40%, costing typical families an extra $2,294 annually.

  • In East Lyme, property taxes would go up by 41%, costing typical families an extra $2,350.

  • In Groton, property taxes would go up by 70%, costing typical families an extra $2,926.

  • In Stonington, property taxes would by up by 20%, costing typical families an extra $1,019.

  • Property taxes would increase in 169 of 169 towns — in some cases more than doubling.


  • More than $1 billion in direct state support for local schools would be slashed

  • 10,320 teachers would be laid off

  • UConn tuition would increase by $3,656

  • Connecticut State University tuition would increase by $3,121, or 13%

  • Community College tuition would increase by $2,901, or 74%

  • Ten vocational and technical high schools serving 6,700 students (and additional adult learners) would close

  • Decimate the Medicaid coverage providing health insurance to 1 in 5 Connecticut residents

  • Default on $1,328,174,237 of debt payments

And far more…

“No matter how many times Stefanowski attempts to explain his tax scheme, the answers are clear. He’s going to raise property taxes, gut education, cut aid to towns and cities statewide, and let our infrastructure crumble. This scheme is going to devastate middle class families in the state,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi.