September 28, 2018/Media

We’ve Heard Dr. Ford’s Story–And the Republican Ticket Still Refuses to Stand Up for Women

Hartford, CT – We’ve now heard Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s brave testimony.

Democrats across the state have stood up to say they believe her.

They stand with survivors.

They stand for commonsense protections.

They stand for progress.

But the Connecticut GOP statewide ticket remains silent on where they stand on the allegations facing Kavanaugh.

Do they believe Dr. Ford? Or do they believe someone handpicked for the Court by Donald Trump?

Bob Stefanowski: “I’m going to take a pass on that.

Joe Markley: “As a jurist I like him.

Susan Chapman: Silence

Thad Gray: “And I really like [Trump’s] Supreme Court nominees.  That’s what I like best.

Kurt Miller: Silence

Sue Hatfield: Silence

“As their Republican colleagues in DC attempt to give Kavanaugh a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, Connecticut Republicans have refused to speak out or even do the bare minimum and call for an investigation. It’s time to tell voters the truth: they stand with Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, not survivors of sexual assault,” said Connecticut Democratic party spokesperson Christina Polizzi.