October 1, 2018/Media

Bob, Women See Through Your Anti-Women Agenda

Hartford, CT – Bob’s new initiative to pretend as though he has support from women is a paper-thin attempt to cover up what we all know to be true: he has an anti-women agenda.

The GOP’s Stefanowski-Markley ticket is the most right-wing, extreme ticket in the history of Connecticut. Let’s be clear. It’s an agenda that actively turns back the clock on progress. Here’s where they stand:

  • Stefanowski has refused to comment on a woman’s right to choose–twice. That means he’s hiding his agenda to roll-back laws that protect women’s health care.
  • Stefanowski’s budget scheme would decimate health care funding for women
  • Gives Donald Trump, who once said “grab them by the *****” an “A” grade, and stands within him on almost every issue
  • Took a “pass” on commenting on Kavanaugh
  • Still won’t say if he believes Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony
  • The ticket is against “yes means yes” legislation
  • The ticket is against equal pay for equal work
  • Stefanowski is “against the minimum wage” which mostly impacts women
  • Stefanowski budget scheme will slash money for schools, daycare, and more affecting parents
  • Stefanowski refuses to support a ban on 3-D printed ghost guns
  • This ticket is against essential health benefits, including protecting birth control coverage
  • Stefanowski has never spoken out about attempts by Washington to defund groups like Planned Parenthood

Bob Stefanowski has an agenda that rolls back progress because he’s for Trump values — not Connecticut values. He wants to decimate women’s health care, he’s against a minimum wage, against the ACA, against common-sense protections for sexual assault survivors, and more. It’s no wonder Trump’s endorsed him, and he supports Trump.