October 7, 2018/Press Releases

Democratic State Party Chair on Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

After Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate, Democratic State Party Chair Nick Balletto released the following statement:

“The way that Senate Republicans handled this nomination is a disgrace. Senators have now sent the absolute wrong message to survivors all over the country and here in Connecticut.

“I share the rest of the country and the state’s frustration, but the only antidote to this time of hopelessness is to make sure we elect Democrats in every part of the state. I am proud of our Democratic leadership in Connecticut who stood up against this nomination and stood up for women across the country and across Connecticut.

“I am shocked and dismayed that the Republican leadership in the state continues to sink to new lows. They have truly become the Party of Trump. I hope and expect that voters across the state will join me in sending a clear message to Republicans this November by electing Democrats in every corner of Connecticut.”