October 7, 2018/Media

Joe Markley, Meet Your Voting Record

Republican Lieutenant Governor nominee Joe Markley has been telling quite a few lies on the campaign trail.

So we wanted to set the record straight and introduce Joe Markley to his own voting record:

Markley can lie all he wants about his anti-woman agenda on the campaign trail, but his voting record is public–and it speaks volumes.

“This is the most extreme, anti-woman ticket the state has ever seen. It’s no wonder Donald Trump endorsed this ticket, and that this ticket stands with Donald Trump. Joe Markley can’t run from his voting history. His record, and his actions, are public, and speak for themselves: he’s too extreme for Connecticut. Bob Stefanowski and Joe Markley will roll back protections for women if elected, and they will embrace Trump’s agenda. That’s what’s at stake this November,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi.