July 10, 2019/Health Care, Press Releases

CTDems Party Chair Nancy Wyman Statement on Trump-Republican Lawsuit to Overturn Our Health Care Law

Hartford, CT– State Democratic Party Chair Nancy Wyman released the following statment on today’s oral arguments in the lawsuit that would overturn the entire Affordable Care Act, a federal law that Wyman had a leadership role in implementing in Connecticut.

“Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents were given a lifeline with the passage of the ACA, only to see it erode under the relentless sabotage campaign of Donald Trump and the Republicans. They promise something better, but they have only made health insurance cost more and cover less. If the current legal challenge succeeds, every provision of the ACA that even Republicans claimed to support will be gone.

“The majority of Americans and Connecticut residents say health care is the number one issue they care about in the upcoming elections. The most effective way we can stand up to this attack on the ACA is to mobilize and to vote.”