August 11, 2020/Press Releases

Connecticut’s Democratic Leaders Praise Joe Biden’s Choice of Kamala Harris as VP Nominee

Governor Ned Lamont: 

“Senator Kamala Harris is a true leader and the kind of person who will be incredible for our country, by the side of my good friend Joe Biden. I proudly support the Biden-Harris ticket!”

Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz:

“Kamala Harris is an historic choice and a great leader who has devoted her life to public service. She will bring proven executive and legislative experience to Joe Biden in the Oval Office. As the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the inequities in our healthcare system, schools, workforce, and every aspect of our lives, Kamala will be a powerful voice for equality and opportunity for everyone. Mike Pence’s worst nightmare – a fearless and accomplished woman dedicated to protecting women’s healthcare – is going to stand toe-to-toe with him on the debate stage in Salt Lake City. I can’t wait to cast my ballot for a ticket who will restore competence, compassion and character in the White House.” 

Democratic State Chair Nancy DiNardo:

 “Kamala Harris is a great choice for Vice President and she will make a great partner to Joe Biden. As a woman in politics, I know how hard it is to break through into leadership roles. Kamala Harris is tough, fearless and won’t be intimidated by whatever sexist attacks come from the Republicans. I am so proud of the Democratic Party for fielding historic candidates and we look forward to electing the Biden/Harris team on November 3rd.”