September 24, 2020/Press Releases

Connecticut Democrats and Supporters Launch Virtual & Socially-Distanced Get Out the Vote

With the November election only 40 days away, Democrats and supporters across Connecticut are showing up in record numbers on virtual platforms and in socially-distanced gatherings to register new voters, knock on doors, and to call and text voters here and in battleground states across the country to get out the vote. 

Since the August 11th primary, Democrats have organized outreach to knock on 99,652 doors; text 229,821 voters and make phone calls to 186,397 Connecticut voters. On behalf of the national Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket, about 100 supporters gathered on a virtual platform for the first of what will be bi-weekly calls into battleground states, including Florida and Pennsylvania. 

In the same time period, 12,955 new voters were registered, including 4,183 Democrats, 6,028 Unaffiliated and 2,394 Republicans. 

“The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way we campaign, and Democrats have more than risen to the challenge,” Democratic State Chair Nancy DiNardo said. “This is the most unusual and probably most important election of our lifetimes. Connecticut voters are showing we can and we will be part of electing leaders at every level of government we can trust.” 

CT Democrats are organizing nightly events, coordinating with Biden-Harris and with campaigns across the state, to facilitate virtual outreach and to support door-knocking efforts.