June 22, 2022/Press Releases

Bob Stefanowski Admits to Consulting Work for ‘Overseas’ Clients, While Refusing to Name Companies

Hartford, CT – Today, Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo called on Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski to be transparent and honest with voters and release his full client list and tax return. Connecticut voters deserve to know about the fortune he potentially made through shady business consulting practices. After a career of working to outsource American jobs and help companies layoff workers, Stefanowski has now admitted to consulting overseas clients, but refuses to name them or detail the work he does for them. Voters deserve to know who Bob is advising and what potentially disastrous promises he has made.

  • Is Bob working to outsource American jobs overseas, like he did at his investment company 3i?
  • Is Bob working on mergers & acquisitions to downsize companies and lay off hundreds of workers just to benefit shareholders?
  • Is he helping his clients cut jobs from Connecticut, like he did at UBS when they shifted thousands of jobs from their Stamford office to NY?
  • Is he working with his clients to profit from inflation, like he bragged about doing during the financial crisis which he saw as a “big opportunity” for his firm?
  • Is he still helping payday lending companies trap working families and servicemembers in shady high interest loans, like he did at Dollar Financial?
  • Is he working with clients who have links to human rights and environmental abuses, like the work he did at UBS?

“Bob has repeatedly called for greater transparency – so let’s see him put those words into action and release his client list. He admitted his clients are overseas, but voters deserve the full truth. Did he work for gun companies, more predatory payday loan companies, or is he teaching companies how to outsource American manufacturing jobs? The only thing we know is that Bob on the campaign trail still lacks honesty and integrity, just like he did in corporate boardrooms,” said DiNardo. “Bob’s appalling business record is one that always puts profits before people. Connecticut voters deserve to know if he continued a streak of shady and deceptive business practices.”