June 8, 2022/Press Releases

Bob Stefanowski Should Come Clean with Voters About His Plans to Repeal Sandy Hook Gun Safety Laws

Extremist Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Stefanowski Should Release Publicly 2018 NRA Questionnaire That Earned Him an “A Rating” 

Hartford, CT – Connecticut Democratic Party today demanded that Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski finally come clean with voters, reveal his extremist agenda to repeal gun laws and release the 2018 NRA questionnaire he was “very proud” had earned him an “A-rating.” 

Despite being “very proud” to receive the top rating from the NRA and courting Connecticut Citizen Defense League (CCDL), Bob has refused to share the 24-question survey that includes a promise to repeal the state’s post-Sandy Hook gun control law. The law, passed in the wake of the massacre of 20 elementary school students and six educators in 2012, expanded the definition of an illegal assault weapon and banned high-capacity gun magazines, included funding for mental health programs and increased school security. 

“Bob continues to do what he does best: blatantly deceive voters,” Democratic State Chair Nancy DiNardo said. “Whether he’s leading a predatory payday loan company that trapped helpless families in an endless cycle of debt or hiding his commitment to repeal Connecticut’s historic Sandy Hook gun safety laws, Bob deflects and disguises his extremist agenda. Voters deserve know that he says one thing to them and promises the National Rifle Association and Connecticut Citizen Defense League another.” 

Connecticut is a national leader on gun safety and under Governor Lamont has continued to make progress, including as passage of “Ethan’s Law.” Regardless of Bob’s rhetoric, his actions, and endorsements prove that he wants to repeal anything that makes it tougher on gun owners and his agenda is dangerously out of touch with mainstream voters.