July 12, 2022/Press Releases

Bob Stefanowski Supported By Anti-Choice Extremists and Trump Allies

Meanwhile Stefanowski continues to self-finance his campaign without disclosing tax returns or client list 

Hartford, CT – Bob Stefanowski’s campaign for Governor is funded by Trump supporters including David Kesey, sole backer of the dark money CT Truth PAC, and anti-choice extremist Sean Fieler and his pro-Bob Super PAC, Parents Against Stupid Stuff, according to financial filings and press reports.

David Kelsey, the founder and managing principal of Hamilton Point Investments and known Trump supporter is funding CT Truth PAC personally, having donated $750,000 since February 2022.

Sean Fieler, an ultraconservative, anti-choice and anti-LGBT donor, and his Super PAC, Parents Against Stupid Stuff, has paid for digital attack ads, part of his planto spend $1 million in support of Stefanowski’s campaign.  

Yesterday, Mark Pazniokas wrote“[Bob Stefanowski] has yet to release his tax returns, and he already has indicated that the clients of his lucrative consulting business will remain anonymous.” 

Bob Stefanowski has backpedaled about disclosing his former clients. He has spent $4.3 million to date, largely from his own funds – yet he refuses to disclose who has been paying him. If Bob Stefanowski cannot keep his promises to be transparent with the people of Connecticut, how can he be trusted to lead our state?  

Why does Bob Stefanowski continue to lie to Connecticut voters about releasing his tax returns and disclosing his clients? 

“Bob Stefanowski’s campaign is supported by anti-choice activists, anti-LGBTQ+ allies and hate groups, so it’s not really a surprise that extremist organizations are funding his campaign,” Adrienne Billings-Smith, Vice Chair of Connecticut Democrats, said. “Bob tells us who he is every day by refusing to disavow extremist ties, and not disclosing how and from whom he earns his money. Connecticut voters deserve to know.”