July 15, 2022/Press Releases

Failed Businessman Bob Stefanowski Proposes Irresponsible Economic Plans for Connecticut

Stefanowski’s so-called economic plans echo his own bad business record and would decimate services 

Hartford, CT – Bob Stefanowski’s latest “economic plans” unveiled Thursday are a more like a Stefanowski Disaster and another attempt to hide from his own failed business record and support for irresponsible policies that would cut services in Connecticut. 

Bob Stefanowski continues to try to destroy and undermine everything Democrats have done to help Connecticut individuals, families and businesses who need it most. The Stefanowski Disaster would put vital services and community resources in danger. 

Child care, municipal aid, crime prevention, education support, environmental protections are all essential services being targeted by Stefanowski’s plans. Despite calling for a more affordable Connecticut, the Stefanowski Disaster would also drive up healthcare costs and property taxes. 

Is Bob going to continue to and claim to “turn around billion dollar failed divisions” when, in fact, in nearly every job he’s held, he oversaw business failures, layoffs and firings? Is he going to brag again about laying off hardworking people of Connecticut? Will he try to take advantage and make profits during hard times when people are suffering like he did during his business career? 

“If Bob thinks Connecticut is unaffordable now, what would he say when his own plans increase costs and reduce savings? Bob continues to propose the opposite of what he claims Connecticut voters deserve,” Lauren Gray, of Connecticut Democrats, said. “And as he rolls out reckless plans, does Bob finally want to let us know not with  when he will release his full tax returns? Or when he’ll release his client list?”