November 1, 2022/Press Releases

Governor Ned Lamont Proves He’s the Right Leader for Connecticut at Final Gubernatorial Debate

Highlights Lamont Administration accomplishments & Bob Stefanowski’s extreme plans for Connecticut

In a closing message to voters at tonight’s gubernatorial debate, Governor Ned Lamont highlighted his administration’s accomplishments and showed voters why he is the best candidate to lead Connecticut for four more years. 

Governor Lamont’s Connecticut:

  • Fiscal crisis to fiscal turnaround, while making historic investments in our future. 
  • Balanced budgets to close the deficit without increasing income taxes;
  • Bipartisan budget with child tax rebates, property tax credits, car tax cuts, earned income tax relief, and extended gas tax cuts;
  • The largest ever tax cut – more than  $650 million–in state history; 
  • Rainy Day fund brought to its highest level ever to guard against future global economic turbulence;
  • Historic investments in childcare, municipal aid, crime prevention, environmental protection, and assistance for vulnerable residents;
  • Paying down $3.3 billion in previously unfunded liabilities;
  • Over 20 months of strong, consistent job growth including jobs added every month in 2022;
  • 48,000 new business registrations, even in the face of a global pandemic;
  • Unprecedented $200 million+ investments in workforce training to close the skills gap and train the workforce of tomorrow;
  • Overall crime reductions, including less violent crimes and property crimes;
  • Safe harbor protections for abortion seekers and abortion providers.

“Tonight on the debate stage, we again saw Bob Stefanowski’s so-called economic plan that would deplete Connecticut’s rainy day fund. Governor Lamont helped propel our rainy day fund to its highest level ever –  a move that will help us weather any potential economic or financial storms and improve Connecticut’s credit ratings. Borrowing will cost less and we can continue to pay down pension debt to save taxpayer dollars and honor our commitments to retirees like nurses, teachers, and state troopers. Connecticut is on solid ground under Governor Lamont and we need to re-elect him November 8th.” – State Representative and Speaker of the House Matt Ritter 

“We saw again tonight on the debate stage what real leadership for Connecticut looks like. It hasn’t been easy, but Governor Lamont led the state out of decades-long historic debt to nearly four years of historic growth. Voters can clearly see the real difference between a leader devoted to driving the state forward and keeping up with our progress, and a disingenuous extremist eager to take us backwards.”  

– Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons

“Governor Lamont clearly won tonight’s debate and he’s the only candidate with a positive outlook for Connecticut. The other candidate showed up with nothing but negative comments and repetitive falsehoods. Governor Lamont is the only leader with experience who will prioritize our state’s fiscal health and protect our rights. It’s been a pleasure to work with Lamont as a partner who delivers for our cities and he deserves to be re-elected for four more years.” – Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary

“Bob Stefanowski, who’s never held public office or voted on any budget, has criticized the bipartisan 2022 budget, called it “insulting” and called the child tax rebate “paltry.” For working families and individuals, tax relief, earned income tax rebates and child tax rebates are not paltry. They mean food on the table and paying the bills. Bob Stefanowski continues to prove he’s out of touch with the reality of what Connecticut residents need. Real leadership means helping people when they’re going through tough times, and that’s exactly what Governor Ned Lamont has delivered: help for those who need it most during tough times.” – State Representative Chris Rosario

“Under Governor Lamont’s leadership, he’s focused on working people and families and invested in our towns and cities. Connecticut is a top place to live, work and raise a family because of the comeback we’ve made under Lamont’s leadership. We must continue this progress and re-elect Governor Lamont and the Democratic team on November 8th.” – West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor