October 28, 2022/Press Releases

Fact Check: Bob Stefanowski Reveals True Stance on Abortion Restrictions

Stefanowski reveals that he stands with his extremist anti-choice allies on restricting access to reproductive healthcare

Less than two weeks before  Connecticut voters head to polls, Bob Stefanowski has revealed his true stance on limiting access to abortion, despite claims he is “pro-choice.”

During a pre-recorded forum, Bob Stefanowski lied about Governor Lamont’s position on abortion and then followed up by telling Connecticut voters what he really thinks: “I think abortion should be limited to the first trimester.”

Bob Stefanowski has already tried to walk back this newly revealed position by claiming he “misspoke” at the forum, but this is not the first time he let the truth slip. 

The truth is that Bob Stefanowski is propped up by anti-choice donors, and uses his funds to fuel anti-choice candidates. Voters, especially women, cannot trust Bob Stefanowski with our reproductive care or to protect and defend abortion access.

Bob Stefanowski’s proposal to ban abortion after the first trimester– just 12 weeks–  would devastatingly limit abortion in Connecticut. That proposal would be more restrictive than laws passed in states like Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee – all of which have since banned abortion entirely post-Roe. Bob’s plan goes even further than the national  15 week aborition ban proposed by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. 

“We cannot trust Bob Stefanowski to protect the right to choose. Bob Stefanowski showed his true colors on his stance on abortion and reproductive freedom. For weeks, he’s said he is pro-choice and he’ll protect the right to choose and now we see that he’s been lying for weeks to the people of Connecticut. He was very clear he wants to roll back our laws despite his attempts to backtrack on his statements. If he doesn’t know the difference or understand the issue, he should not be running for office or making decisions about abortion laws in Connecticut,” said Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz. “We cannot go backwards with this very extreme position. ”

“Bob Stefnowski’s has an incredibly extreme view on abortion. It’s not a Connecticut view and it’s certainly not Connecticut law. With this position, Bob Stefanowski would change our Connecticut law. Either he doesn’t know our current laws or he is lying to the voters of Connecticut. Either way, that is extremely dangerous for the women of Connecticut,” said State Rep. Jillian Gilchrest. 

“At this point, Bob Stefanowski has zero credibility on the issue of abortion. After years of running for Governor, we still cannot get a straight answer from him. Voters should understand that with Bob they should have no confidence in what he is saying. Candidates and Bob Stefanowski allies like Glenn Youngkin supported less extreme proposals during their campaigns and when they got elected they supported more extreme policies. Voters should have no confidence Bob doesn’t support even more extreme anti-choice bans and that he wouldn’t act to enforce and enact them here in Connecticut,” said State Rep. Matt Blumenthal.

“Bob Stefanowski told us what he really believes last night. He isn’t pro-choice, no matter how many times he says it, or tries to walk back his comments,” Nancy DiNardo, Chair of the Democratic Party, said. “Connecticut voters know what they see and hear. We cannot and will not let Bob Stefanowski and his anti-choice Republican ticket take us backwards.”