July 5, 2017/News

PIE CHARTS: Where Do GOP Candidates Stand On Trumpcare?

Since our GOP friends are so fond of pie charts

In the week since the Democratic candidates running for governor or exploring a bid for statewide office invited their Republican counterparts to join them in a letter to Mitch McConnell expressing opposition to the Senate Trumpcare bill that would cost Connecticut taxpayer up to $2.9 billion per year and strip tens of thousands of Connecticut residents of their health insurance, not a single GOP candidate has signed on. Only two candidates — Joe Visconti and Prasad Srinivasan — have expressed an opinion on the legislation. That leaves seven candidates refusing to answer whether they support the Senate GOP bill or what, if anything, they would do as governor to make sure residents affected by Trumpcare have access to coverage.

“Health care is going to be a defining issue in the gubernatorial race because the next governor will need to deal with the consequences of Trumpcare. The Medicaid cuts in this backwards bill would not only hurt seniors, people with disabilities, and working people, but also cause real pain for Connecticut taxpayers. It’s unconscionable that Republicans who want to be governor — Hartford Insider Tim Herbst, Mark Boughton, Steve Obsitnik, David Walker, Mark Lauretti, Toni Boucher, and Peter Lumaj — are refusing to speak out against this anti-Connecticut proposal.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell