September 20, 2022/Press Releases

Democrats Respond to Stefanowski-Devlin Tax Plan Proposal

Hartford, CT — Democrats responded to the Bob Stefanowski and Laura Devlin tax plan released today that would gut the rainy day fund and leave Connecticut unable to pay down our pension debt during better fiscal years. Stefanowski also followed in Governor Lamont’s footsteps with policies Democrats have already accomplished. Once again, Bob Stefanowski proved he has no plan to pay for his tax proposal. Governor Lamont knows how Connecticut’s budget works, he delivered the largest tax cut in state history, paid down debt and saved millions of dollars for future generations.

“Governor Lamont refuses to let inflation weigh down families across the state. That’s why he led Democrats in passing the largest tax cuts in history– one that every single Republican voted against. Bob chided Governor Lamont for delivering  the child tax credit, suspending the  gas tax, making public transportation free, and establishing the  earned income tax credit in Connecticut’s history. Now, he’s making promises he can’t keep to avoid proposing a real plan,” said State Representative and Comptroller Candidate Sean Scanlon.

“Yet again, Bob Stefanowski showed up with nothing but empty promises and reckless proposals. While the shady businessman was busy concocting a careless plan to share with voters, Governor Ned Lamont was busy delivering relief for Connecticut– more than $650 million in tax cuts, historic investments in our communities, and savings to safeguard our future. Bob has no interest in protecting the future of Connecticut residents– he promised to “rip the costs out of the state budget like we have never seen in our lives,” destroying the safety net for our state’s most vulnerable and decimating funding for education, safety, and healthcare–leaving CT’s assistance programs bare,” said State Representative Josh Elliott.

“Bob Stefanowski’s promise to gut the Rainy-Day fund—especially at a time when the Governor has helped bring it to its highest level ever—would only create financial storm clouds and economic uncertainty for middle class families. The global economic disruption caused by the pandemic has shown exactly why we must guard against any turbulence and protect taxpayers. Bob’s plan is not only reckless, but financially irresponsible and despite a false promise to lower taxes, the reality is that his math doesn’t add up,” said State Senator Gary Winfield. 

“Bob Stefanowski wants to blow our savings so he can score political points. Governor Lamont is beyond cheap tricks. Continuing to put people first, Governor Lamont the Democratic majority legislature built a budget that lasts– $5 billion in rainy day funds to save us millions in the future, and immediate relief to help families now.Bob says he wants to cut taxes, but refuses to sit down and come up with a serious plan about how to make it happen. Instead, he’s touting reckless policies that reserve the biggest benefits for the wealthiest people,” said Sarah Locke, Executive Director of Connecticut Democrats.