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February 28, 2018 / Media

CT Dems’ House District Flip is National News

Hartford, CT - Last night’s historic win in Stratford has made national headlines. Over the last few weeks, grassroots energy poured into Connecticut’s 120th district and Phil Young’s campaign and last night we saw the results of those efforts. Connecticut voters rejected Trump’s playbook of scare tactics and those of the leadership in the Connecticut Republican Party. It’s clear, nationally and in Connecticut, that Democrats have the energy and momentum to fight back. This started with the Democrats flipping 22 towns in November 2017, and continued with last night’s results.

August 21, 2017 / Media

What is Gov. Sununu thinking? Connecticut Dems’ and New Hampshire Dems’ joint statement on Prescott Bush Dinner

It shows a real lack of judgment that Governor Sununu would associate himself with someone who defended the violent racists behind these events. We would expect that he urges the Connecticut Republican Party to address their equivocation on the matter before he comes to Connecticut to raise money for their efforts to double down on their support of Donald Trump.

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