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Trump Budget Slashes Climate Change Research. What Does That Mean For Connecticut?

The Trump Administration’s budget blueprint, released today, proposes draconian cuts to environmental protection and climate change research. Through federal partnership, the state of Connecticut has been at the cutting edge of both research and climate-change mitigation.

Democrats are committed to prioritizing the fight against climate change, but the question for the Connecticut Republicans who have steadfastly supported the Trump agenda is simple: What is your plan to make sure Connecticut maintains critical investments in successful initiatives like the Connecticut Institute for Resiliency and Climate Adaptation and efforts to preserve the Long Island Sound?

“State and local governments are the last line of defense against the Trump administration’s dangerous agenda. This isn’t hypothetical. It affects real people’s lives. Our state – like all states – has relied on the federal government as a partner in researching climate change and its impacts on our local communities. We rely on a partnership with the federal government to keep our water safe to drink and our air safe to breathe. What will the Connecticut Republicans who have never wavered in their support for Trump’s agenda do? We need them to step up and fight back against this anti-Connecticut federal budget.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell

CT Dems’ statement on CBO score of TrumpCare

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement.

“Donald Trump and his Republican allies ran on a promise to help working people. Instead, they are pushing a policy that disproportionately takes health care away from older, working people and increases costs for over 85,000 Connecticut residents who received care through the Connecticut exchange, all while slashing taxes for the very wealthiest in our society. This TrumpCare bill is an absolute disaster for hardworking men and women across our state who will be forced to decide each paycheck whether or not they can afford healthcare for their families.

“Today’s nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office report that the GOP health care repeal bill will strip coverage from 24 million Americans and thousands of Connecticut residents is further proof that the Republican agenda will harm middle-class and working families. It’s not hyperbole to say that TrumpCare will result in loss of life when care becomes too costly and unavailable for those who need it.

“I hope the Connecticut Republicans who steadfastly supported Donald Trump’s campaign will take action here in Connecticut to prevent residents across the state from losing coverage, but I won’t be holding my breath.”

CT Dems’ Statement On Fairfield Special Election

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement in response to the Fairfield DTC’s victory in court forcing a special election.

“Once again, Fairfield Republicans – like Republicans across the state and country – are trying to deny the town’s voters the opportunity to have their voice heard. We are proud to join the the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee to stand up and work hard to make sure every citizen can cast a vote. Democrats will continue to fight GOP efforts to suppress the will of the voters.”

TrumpCare Is A Disaster

As large numbers of conservative lawmakers and right-wing groups reject the current TrumpCare proposal that would defund Planned Parenthood, shut down private health insurance coverage for abortion services, kill the Medicaid expansion, and give huge tax cuts to the very wealthy, all while stripping health coverage from millions of Americans, it is beyond clear that this bill is an utter disaster.

“Now I understand why congressional Republicans hid this bill in a locked room – because it’s an utter disaster. Connecticut has led the nation in implementing the Affordable Care Act, and hundreds of thousands of residents now have access to health coverage. But TrumpCare threatens to undo all of that. So the question for the Connecticut Republicans who have steadfastly supported Trump is this: What will you do to make sure every Connecticut resident who would lose coverage under this Republican plan has access to health care? Residents of the state deserve answers from our Republican leaders.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby

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